Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge

In the Student Blogging Challenge Week 4 Make it Global we are finding crisis’s in the world and picking a charity that is helping it. There is a water crisis in the world right now. Africa, South Asia, and Latin America have water shortages that they can’t fix without our help.  It is a lifeless act not to help them. Imagine having to walk to a water source for a long time and then brining a 40 pound jug of water back during the night.  When you get the water it is so bad that you can get diseases from it.  More people die in the world because of water shortages or diseases from water then people that die in wars. But, there is a charity called Charity Water and it makes wells for hospitals, schools, and communities. For a dollar you can help a child in Africa, South Asia, or Latin America get water. Please help these people get water because a caring world is a better world.

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