Student Blogging

For this post I will say why students should blog. I will say the good and bad things for a student that has a blog. To start it off students should blog because it will help them to write in different styles and practice writing so their writing is perfect. Second it would let them learn hoe other students in other countries write and live everyday. Now for some of the bad things, first they can add widgets and other distracting things. They can also post things that are not educational and things that don’t have anything to do with school or anything. To close it off I will give a good note, students that have a blog can show the things they might want changed at their school and tell why and get other students from other schools to support them.

Week 10

For the week 10 Student Blogging Challenge Time To Evaluate we had to interview a classmate or friend. I will interview my friend and classmate Eli. I asked him if he liked my blog and this is his answer, “Yo ya I loved your bing bing this year, (a.k.a yes he loved it). Another question that I asked him was if he would come and look at my blog next year and his response was, ” This chicken fry will surly visit your blog next year.

Week 9

For week 9 on the student blogging challenge Count Out Three we are supposed to look and comment on other people’s blogs.  The blogs that I visited  were from all different countries and they had various widgets and cool blogs. Some of them even had school projects on them. They were all very well written and impressed me. Alex’s BlogToby’s BlogJack V’s Blog,  Olivia S’s Blog, Tabby’s Blog, Cleo’s Blog, Jai’s Blog, Noah’s Blog, and Alexis’s Blog. All these blogs overall were very good and I learned different things from them.

Week 8

For week 8 on the student blogging challenge Game Preparation I am going to do the third activity which is to see if you are leaving footprints or anything else of you on the internet. It is supposed to see if you as a person have left anything that you wouldn’t want on the internet. I tried to look up myself on google but, could not find anything. I looked on other websites like gmail and deleted any information that would put me in jeperdy. I am not a member of facebook or instagram so no more of my information was left unprotected. People should really check to see if they are give out any information that is too personal or like a credit card.

Week 7

For week 7 Too Much Work, Now Have Fun we were told to make an art, writing, animation, music/audio, and science. I chose to do an Odosketch from the art section because I feel that I should learn or try to make better pictures. The picture I chose was pretty simple and it is just something that has been in my family for a long time. It was drawn in pencil and when the colour was added the website did not have that colour. It is not drawn that accurately because I am not the artist that was skilled at drawing. So this is my picture that I drew.

Week 6 Blogging Challenge

For the Student Blogging Challenge Week 6 Let’s Work, I chose to make a timeline on how work has changed over the centuries. Work has changed over the years after new technology has been made, it is creating and is purging jobs. One example would be in a factory usually worked by people it would be replaced by machines. But it would make more jobs for matinence  Therefore it is both a good thing and a bad thing. More ways work has changed over the years is that more jobs have been made and some have been made more difficult. Like, if your job is to dispose of land mines left over from wars it would be more difficult because there are millions of mines that there are no records of where they are. One last way work has changed over the years is that there are new ways to do them.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

Week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge is Adding Images and Attribution. I am going to write about my ethnicity. My religion is Christianity and my version is Protestant. I come from a background that thinks of religion as important but thinks that all the rituals are not needed. Like, if someone is Catholic they would do 1st Communion and if someone is Protestant they would think of that as not important. Also, Protestants come from more of the English, German, Swedish, and Scottish kind of side. But the thing why I chose to be a Protestant is because it connects me to my ancestors that were Protestant. In my religion we believe in God and Jesus, but we also believe that we should respect other people’s religions even if it isn’t the same as our beliefs.

Protestant Church

Protestantse kerk - Protestant church

Catholic Church



Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge

In the Student Blogging Challenge Week 4 Make it Global we are finding crisis’s in the world and picking a charity that is helping it. There is a water crisis in the world right now. Africa, South Asia, and Latin America have water shortages that they can’t fix without our help.  It is a lifeless act not to help them. Imagine having to walk to a water source for a long time and then brining a 40 pound jug of water back during the night.  When you get the water it is so bad that you can get diseases from it.  More people die in the world because of water shortages or diseases from water then people that die in wars. But, there is a charity called Charity Water and it makes wells for hospitals, schools, and communities. For a dollar you can help a child in Africa, South Asia, or Latin America get water. Please help these people get water because a caring world is a better world.


One of the things I am interested in is skiing. Whether it’s snowing or sunny I like to go out skiing and go in the terrain park and do freestyle. It’s so fun going on the boxes and rails, and doing 180s off of jumps. It’s also fun to go in the powder and fall in it. Also when I’m skiing I can see all the views of Lake Tahoe. When it is all icy it’s fun to slide down the hill.